"We give expression
to the Spirit within us
and give thanks
for the wonder of who we are
and for our conscious awareness
of that Spirit
at work in everything that exists.

"We give thanks
for Jesus
in whom that Spirit
was able to work freely
and was able to articulate
insights and convictions
that open our minds
to the presence
of the Spirit of Life
in our midst.

"We give thanks,
as Jesus gave thanks,
using bread
to speak to us of earthen vessels
holding a treasure.

"We break and share bread,
as Jesus broke and shared bread,
committing ourselves
to love generously
as 'temples of God's Spirit.'

"We pledge ourselves to be
the 'body of Christ'
loving God and neighbor
with all our hearts,
with all our minds,
and in all our actions.

"We drink wine
as Jesus shared wine with his friends,
mindful of our bonding
with all that exists
through the Spirit
creatively present with us and within us.

"Pause for quiet reflection on being
'a temple of God's Spirit.'

"We see the presence of God in whom we believe
here now in us.
We acknowledge
now to be our Pentecost time,
when God-with-us
seeks expression
in our actions
and in new words and images.

"To being the presence of God in our world:
Amen. Amen."