"Animals and human beings have lived a life of natural interdependence with the Plant Kingdom since they first cohabited on our planet. They are multi-faceted and offer us many gifts. They have served humans as a primary source of nourishment and have also been used for heat, shelter, clothes, weapons, and medicine. Plants were and still are used in ritual ceremony. Certain plants are believed to contain sacred and magical powers as well as natural medicinal properties.

"In the history of plants and human beings, a relationship between people and plants has been formed. There is a way of relating with plants, of talking and being with plants, that is different than what is understood by the body of modern scientific knowledge. In this other way of relating, each plant speaks to us through what is called a signature. A signature is defined by the type of soil and climate a plant lives in, by its physical constituents and makeup, by its color, smell, and taste. You could think of a plant's signature as its unique expression of life.

"This expression shows the personality of the plant. Just as people choose to live in certain climates such as the desert, plains, or mountains, plants grow in harmony with the climate in which they live. Desert plants require a certain ability to withstand the heat; mountain plants adapt and find their sustenance in the cooler climates. Plants express themselves through the shape of their roots, stems, and leaves and the shape and colors of their flowers. . . .

"Plants have wisdom to share. By joining in relationship with a plant, merging your spirit with the plant's spirit, the strength of the plant's core essence can be found and revered.

"Experiencing oneness with a plant is a sign that you have reached a high level of intimacy with yourself that will only continue to open and deepen. This level of intimacy and personal growth creates an inner availability which will allow you to fully embrace and unite your own spirit with the nature spirit of the plant or flower. As you experience the nature spirit of the plant, you may experience energetic vibrations, openings, releases, and teachings of its wisdom. The power that you may experience as you connect with the nature spirit of the plant will help you discover a profound and multidimensional relationship with yourself.

"You can learn to call upon the nature spirit of a plant. When you do, you will emerge with its energy, taking on how the plant feels, grows, moves, breathes, lives, touches, responds, communicates, gives, and receives. Becoming one with a plant's essence, you hear the plant's voice — its songs, messages, and exaltation when its flower is at its peak.

"Allow yourself to surrender to this great mystery of life. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey, a journey that calls in the innate wisdom and power of the sacred medicine of the plants and flowers. Hear their voices, sing their songs, speak their truths, and live as One with all Creation."