"Mevlana Rumi said, 'The religion of love is like no other.' He did not wish to start a new religion but to reveal the essence of all religion, which is submission to God in love. All love leads toward God. All love is a metaphor, a symbol of real love. It is not necessary to replace one religion or no religion with another, but to purify our religion and ourselves with love.

"In the religion of love we are not seeking love, because we know that love is not the goal or end, but the origin and cause of everything. We are within this field of love. We only need to open up to it. Love created us. Love guides us. And we will all return to love, either willingly or unwillingly. We can go willingly and consciously, by realizing that love brought us here in the first place. Let us trust this truth. Let this be our starting point."

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