"You know I tell people you're my closest friend. I really miss you.

MARGOT (barely)
"Me too.

"But I can't help feeling that you really came to my wedding because I live a mile away from the guy you're fucking.

"Come on, Pauline. You make it sound like I'm using you.


"There is a long silence between them. Finally, Pauline indicates to Margot that she has something in her nostril.

"You have a . . .

"Margot clears her nose quickly with her finger.

"Did I get it?

"Yeah, I think so.

MARGOT (suddenly)
"Paul, what are you doing getting married to this guy? He's not good enough for you. He's so coarse, he's like guys we rejected when we were sixteen. You know . . . don't make a mistake like this.
"I'm sorry, maybe I have no right to say that, but you know I'm truthful so . . . Would you rather I lie?

"Who should I be with then?

A smashing sound. Margot steps outside: Two hooded figures turn over a recycling can, glass smashes on the ground. Garbage is strewn across the driveway.

"Hey! Hey, you! You pick that up. I will call the police. This is our property. Pick that up.

Pauline remains seated at the table, stunned. Margot comes back inside.