"Intuition is famous for pulling the threads of seemingly unrelated skills or insights together in order to produce new perspectives. Creative artists, political geniuses, inventors, healers, and people in ordinary situations experience this when they are alert to intuition's presence. This process occurs because the soul collects itself; it does not scatter. When you embrace the intuitive world, the things you do and say are not scattered randomly, but in deep connection with your soul's Big Picture perspective of your life. As you've seen, when you awaken, the soul's presence, purpose, passion, and power become an intrinsic part of your life. All you need to remember, to know without question, is that intuition is real; it's not just your imagination.


"Rumi Jalamudi, an inspirational thirteenth-century Sufi mystic and poet recognized the problem people face as they wonder if messages from their inner world are real or imaginary. He penned these words to address some of our concerns."

This we have now is not imagination.
This is not grief or joy,
Not a judging state, or an elation,
or a sadness.
Those come and go.
This is the Presence that doesn't.

"Not only is intuition not just your imagination; it's not all instinct, limited to psychic experiences, a mere curiosity, a passing fad, fast intellect, or only the province of the mystic. Intuition is now, and always will be, the calling card of your soul, the voice of your Presence.

"In knowing this, you can come home to yourself. You can come home to who you already know you are: an individual and, together, a community of immortal souls. Although this particular journey to intuition is coming to an end, the journey to a lifetime of application is about to begin. We are here on Earth to 'play in the fields of the Lord.' If we forget who we are, we play rough, we harm ourselves, others, and the Mother Earth who gives us life. When we remember who we are, though, we know intuitively that there is a better way. We commit ourselves, one by one, community by community, nation by nation, to finding that way. This intention is rock solid within us, individually and collectively, and nothing can deflect us from it. You turn to intuition and seek guidance for your part in the Big Picture. You already know what to do.

"Now is the time."