A former professor of intuition at John F. Kennedy University, Sharon Franquemont now lectures on this character quality to businesses, educational institutions, psychologists, and many others. In this comprehensive work, she shares the perks and abundant benefits of this skill after championing it for 28 years. She begins with a discussion of the four models of intuition (a science-centered model, a psychologically-centered model, a religious model, and an Earth-centered model).

Franquemont moves on to set up and describe 10 invitations to the Intuitive Life. These assignments are:

1. Just Say "Yes"
2. Open Your Senses
3. Cultivate Silence
4. Nurture Joy
5. Set Time Free
6. Shift Space
7. Discover Your Purpose
8. Mate with Soul
9. Partner Exponentially and
10. Connect the Dots.

Along the way, the author presents an impressive array of quotations and exercises. All those who are keenly interested in intuition should read this book by a woman who knows this skill well.