"Converted by Patrick
you became the first Irish nun
and female Bishop
establishing your mixed monastery
of men, women, and children
in Kildare —
soon to become a center
of Christian pilgrimage and worship.
It was a time of transition
from Celtic spirituality
to Christian worship and ritual.
And you, Brigid, were the bridge.
The people honored in you
the spirit and virtues
of Brig the Goddess,
but named them now
the attributes and gifts
of Christian saint —
St. Brigid of Kildare.

"We celebrate you, Brigid,
woman of God,
Christian saint and
daughter of the goddess.
We celebrate your fertility,
your receptivity, and your embracing
of all revelation
given to humanity
by the extravagant abundance
of divine grace
that knows no boundaries.
We celebrate
the fire of your love,
the vigor of your life,
and the power of your faith.

"We pray, St. Brigid of Kildare,
that we too
may become vessels and bridges
of both old and new,
that we might bring together,
in tolerance and harmony,
different cultures, colors, genders,
religions, and nations
honoring the beauty and grace
of all creation
and proclaiming
the amazing diversity
of divine fertility.

"Teach us,
Brigid of Kildare,
to open our minds and hearts,
wide and vast,
to embrace all
that Divine Love has created
for our delight."