Guarding Against Our Egos

"In community we have to guard against the negative influence of our egos. We also have to do this in our prayers, in our relationships, and in everything we do. We can all remember to be slower, more silent, and simpler. We feed our egos when we think we know so much.

"Let me give you a priceless spiritual practice. Keep repeating these words: 'Only God knows.' They contain a wonderful antidote to the arrogance of our egos. We see only the outer surface of things, not the inner nature of things — and we don't always perceive the outer that accurately, either: we see a piece of the outer and we take it for the whole. We are like the blind men and the elephant, making absurd conclusions based on limited experience.

"By saying 'Only God knows,' we remind ourselves we know very little, and all too often we misunderstand the little bit we think we know. But we still fall in love with our own opinions.

"Our task as dervishes is to spend time together and love and support one another through our trials and challenges. We can listen more, pray and care for each other, and judge each other less. For whatever we judge or criticize in someone else is in us. Whatever upsets us in someone else is within us. If it were not, we would not be so upset. When someone is arrogant or selfish, we become upset with that person, because we understand selfishness, arrogance, etc. — because those tendencies are in us.

"Whenever we become upset by something, it is time to pay attention to ourselves. Our egos tell us to attend only to the faults of others, and we find it easy to become upset with others' shortcomings. But our criticism of others will not change them. It will only distract us from changing ourselves. As Muzaffer Efendi used to say, 'Whenever you see dirt in someone else, wash your own glasses.' We always see our faults in others.

"If we can stop this cycle of projection and blame, we can begin to see each other as mirrors that reflect the Face of God. We can begin to experience the world as a place filled with mirrors that reflect God's Presence. Then everything and everyone around us will remind us of God. That is our work. As we grow on this path, more and more of the world will remind us of God.

"Muzaffer Efendi taught that the world is only our spiritual enemy if we put it between God and ourselves. The world is our spiritual ally if we see God's Face wherever we turn. God's Face is everywhere; everything mirrors God's Presence, if only we could see it. Everything is beautiful if we have the eyes to see it. Everything is inspiring if our hearts are open and ready to be inspired."