"At the end of Sparks of Light [1983], we presented a list of seven traits that we deemed essential for training the rebbes of the future. These qualities, which still seem vital to us today, encompass the following:

"1. An experience of kinship with other beings on the planet — that is, a sense of compassion transcending the bounds of ego, time, and place

"2. An inner 'awakening' in which one encounters the realm of the transcendent, however fleeting or incomplete that sacred moment may be

"3. A thorough understanding — and working through — of one's own emotional imbalances, resulting in a lesser likelihood that one will project his or her problems onto those seeking advice

"4. A firm 'grounding' in one's own body awareness so that one is comfortable with — neither anxious nor obsessed about — dealing with the sensual world

"5. A comprehensive philosophical-intellectual training, enabling one to grasp a variety of 'reality maps' of consciousness, not just the everyday reality of human existence

"6. A well-developed sense of intuition so that one knows when to discard rote principles and generalizations and rely instead on personal hunches

"7. An active participation in a community or network so that one can engage in honest soul-searching with others as friendly critics and guides"