Day 6 . . . Holding the High Watch

"Having a Prayer Partner is a marvelous responsibility. In this relationship, one of our gifts is to 'hold the High Watch' for our partner. What does that mean? Holding the High Watch means to see the greatest potential within our partner, to imagine that potential is realized, and that this realization has already happened for them. Holding the High Watch is a way of witnessing our partner, believing more for them than they often can for themselves. The wonderful part? As we do that for our Prayer Partner, they are doing it for us. It can become a deep and profound relationship, all based on Divine Love."

Today I hold the High Watch for my Prayer Partner.

Day 7 . . . Commitment

"There is power in making a decision and taking action. And there is even more power in staying committed to this positive action. Similar to working out in a gym, when we commit and follow through with our Prayer Partner, we are building spiritual muscle that strengthens us. Every day we can choose again to commit to our partner, commit to our own spiritual growth, and commit to Life. This is your moment now: choose once again to commit to Prayer Partnering and you'll find that the gift of this commitment returns to you tenfold."

Today my commitment to my own spiritual life increases and blesses me.