Winning Wings

" 'Make believe you're brave, and the trick will take you far' is another way of wording a common philosophy. 'Just do it,' 'Feel the fear and do it anyway,' and 'Act as if' are other catchphrases referring to the same idea. Regardless of how we feel, we can act correctly. 'Act as if you have confidence,' wise mentors often advise. And when the advisee does just that, his or her confidence seems to build.

"Try acting as if in one instance on your flight. For example:

"Smile at your seatmate. Maybe he or she will become a new friend.

"Thank your pilot before the flight begins, as you are boarding, instead of only when you deplane.

"Allow yourself to display a positive attitude. Act as if you are completely at home on the plane. See if it adjusts how you feel, if the trick does indeed 'take you far.' "