"In addition to its intense history and unique social roles, there are also attributes of the conjure I practice that give some basic insights into how it works and what the worker knows:

"• God, or the Maker, is busy with universal life and has many spirits and spiritual beings that can be called on for help;

• Spirit is the root of all things, and it must be cleansed, healed, fed, protected, and 'dressed' to grow in this world;

• Power is accessible and the Maker wants us to have it;

• The spirits of the dead continue to work with us;

• There is a crossroads spirit that opens the roads into and out of the spirit world. It is met at crossroads or center-posts such as trees, large stones, high crosses, and obelisks in graveyards or other meeting points;

• We can set the spirit roads into and out of our spirit worlds to effect goodness in our lives;

• Conjure is a spiritual power in all things (also called the root), but it is also the name of a practice;

• Conjure can be conjured or awakened in things such as roots, stones, teeth, claws, and all things of nature, then fed and dressed to do work for the worker;

• Though you do not need to have the spirit sight to be a worker, it helps. The power to be a worker is often in families and bloodlines;

• Fire is the thing in life most like living spirit, so it can be used to give power to workings; and

• A worker works with both hands, meaning she has the ability to help or harm. Remember that healing a disease in a human is a death sentence to bacteria, cancer cells, or viruses. The lines in power are not as clear as one might think."