"All too often people say, 'I'd like to write a journal, but I am afraid that I would have nothing to say.' . . .

"When 'nothing' dulls your mind, take at least as much interest in what's going on as when you are filled with ideas and eager to write. This will give you a dramatic demonstration of how thoughts are really energy forms. (And the quality of what we are thinking will always affect us as well as other people.) As you write, the energy of 'nothing' will quite inevitably change into something else. You will feel it, not simply perceive it. . . .

'Nothing' is a first reaction, a defense. Regard it with curiosity. Go into it. Don't be put off.

'Nothing' often has a shape. Observe that shape inside your mind with your eyes closed. Then observe whether that shape changes and becomes something else. Then write about it.

'Try dialoguing with nothing. What are you? Where have you come from? What do you want to tell me? Write down both sides of the conversation. Listen carefully to 'nothing!' "