Ten Keys to Inter-Meditation: What Oneness Feels Like

"1. Authenticity — which arises from attention, honesty, and pure presence (of mind and heart)
2. Selflessness — a Big-Self-interest that goes beyond selfish, with a little bit of healthy individuation so we can take care of and be responsible for ourselves
3. Generosity — giving of ourselves and sharing things, emotions, energy, time, and wisdom
4. Patience — our commitment to forbearance, tolerance, acceptance, flexibility, and resilience
5. Trust — seeing who or what we're inter-meditating with as a gateway to the Divine, as the mutual respect this encourages is necessary for love
6. Genuine love — empathic compassion, benevolence, and caring
7. Delight, joy, pleasure, play, fun — we don't need to take all of this (or ourselves) so seriously
8. Passion, enchantment, ardor, interest in other — this inquiring mind-state is one of wonderment and goes deeper, is more empathically connected and altruistic, than mere curiosity or fascination
9. Openness — to the mystery, to not knowing, to not having it all worked out, and to life that is larger than our individual minds and wills
10. A meaningful, mutual purpose and direction — we're doing this for the benefit of both ourselves and others, always remembering that there is no real difference in the bigger picture"