"Those who are searching for truth are only a small number but still they are a growing number. Each of us may repay his own obligation by saying the right word at the right time, by lending or giving the right book to the truth-hungry person."

". . . You are to enter a new and different rhythm and tell such as will listen that they need not be forlorn, lost, or without hope because they find none to appeal to their heart or mind. They are asked only to follow the God within themselves, for 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.' . . . "

"As the consciousness of the Overself seeps into him, the power of the Overself expresses through him."

"Whoever has benefited by these ideas is under an obligation to make them available to whoever else may be ready to receive them. . . . "

"Whoever keeps this divine flame burning brightly within his heart, radiates the spirit of his purpose to all whom he contacts."

"A true power will inform the hands of those who will act at the behest of the god within, whose daily admonishment to him is: 'Go out and live for the welfare of man the Light you find in the deep recesses of your own heart.' " "The wonder and joy of finding himself to be a channel of blessing, teaching, healing peace, and uplift to others will increase as the results themselves increase."