"The Revolution of Compassion involves three moments of realization and eleven commitments for life, as set out in the Charter of Universal Responsibility.

"First moment of realization:

"I was born on this earth, a child of life, at the heart of the cosmos.

"My genetic codes incorporate messages from the universe. I am linked to all living things in the shared reality of life. Their wellbeing depends on the balance of the ecosystems, which are themselves dependent on the peace that reigns in the heart of men and women, and the spirit of justice in human society, where no one shall be cast aside, or afflicted by hunger, poverty or deprivation. In a spirit of equality, free from prejudice, material attachment and hatred, I commit to playing my part in maintaining and re-establishing the harmony of life.

"May peace and inner healing be present in every single one of my actions, dedicated to the good of all existence, both human and non-human. This is an appeal to all living beings to participate in the joy of universal love that is the lifeblood of life.

"Second moment of realization:

"I was born on this earth, a child of life, at the heart of humanity, my family.

"I am motivated to act for the good of all living beings purely by altruism, and by accepting my universal responsibility. Inner peace, love and compassion are not only ways of expressing a noble ideal, but also of offering pragmatic solutions to issues we face in this new reality, as a means of guaranteeing our collective interests in the face of the loosening of social bonds and the breakdown of social solidarity.

"Recognising the necessity of cooperation enables me to understand that the most secure basis for worldwide sustainable development is based on both the individual and the shared practice of inner peace, love and compassion. I revitalize hope and confidence in the shared destiny of humanity.

"Third moment of realization:

"I was born on this earth, a child of life, at the heart of the great peace of the natural world.

"In this era of the internet and globalization, I am aware of how I am being manipulated and instrumentalised by techno-economic culture; and of my obligation to embody the wisdom of universal responsibility, based on the power of truth and love, what Mahatma Gandhi called Satyagraha. Satyagraha is my weapon in the non-violent combat against injustice. The moment that truth passes through me to express itself, I become invincible. By living Satyagraha on a daily basis, I become, amongst others and with the help of others, an architect of peace, justice and truth. As a citizen of the world, I assume this new civic bond of universal responsibility. In this way, future generations will one day be witness to this new world to which I aspire, but which I may never see. According to my means, I will try my hardest, in a spirit of peace and love, to construct a new reality, that of a compassionate earth."