"Tune in, marinate, and entrain your brain to begin the day from effortless mindfulness as best you can. This first fine-tuning of your operating system is important. The main shift is moving from looking to thoughts to looking to awareness, which looks to itself. Then awake awareness can include thoughts, feelings, and energy arising as effortless mindfulness embodied.

"You can set an alert in the calendar on your smartphone to remind you to do mindful glimpses throughout the day. You can record the mindful glimpses in your own voice or listen to one of my recordings. It is particularly helpful to learn to do the mindful glimpses with eyes open, such as while looking out the window, walking, or looking over your computer screen, and you can then return to your daily activities from effortless heart-mindfulness.

"Here is a simple guide to use as a reference to learn how to do small gimpses anytime during the day:


"1. Recognize that you are caught, attached, or identified.

"2. Realize there is another way to be.

"3. Remember a glimpse method of returning or re-recognizing that has worked for you.

"4. Unhook local awareness by unblending with thinking or a part. Let awareness turn around to spacious awareness or move down within the body.

"5. Shift into already awake awareness.

"6. Feel awareness aware of itself.

"7. See the dance between formlessness and form from awareness-energy.

"8. Know from embodied open-hearted awareness.

"9. Let be by resting as the Ground of Being without thinking to be or doing to be. Marinate and mix awake awareness and aliveness. Invite all parts, thoughts, and emotions into the boundless Heart and tender human heart.

"10. Remain undistracted without effort.

"11. Do from Being by beginning to rewire your brain and ego functioning, to operate from open-hearted awareness and Self-leadership.

"12. Detox, welcome, and liberate by allowing open-hearted awareness to welcome exiled parts and unburden protective parts.

"13. When you notice you've become re-identified, simply say, 'No big surprise, just re-recognize.'

"14. Then, with small glimpses, learn to return, and train to remain."