Enlightenment has been given many names. Buddha means "the enlightened one"; Christ and Messiah also mean that. St. Paul called it "the peace of God that passeth understanding" and Richard Maurice Bucke named it "cosmic consciousness." In Zen it is satori, in yoga it is Samadhi or moksha, in Sufism it is fana or tawhid, in Taoism it is wu or The Ultimate Tao. Gurdjieff labeled it "objective consciousness," Sri Aurobindo spoke of the Supermind, mystery schools and occult paths speak of "illumination," "liberation," and "self-realization." Likewise, enlightenment has been symbolized by many images: the thousand-petaled lotus of Hinduism, the Holy Grail of Christianity, the clear mirror of Buddhism, Judaism's Star of David, the yin-yang circle of Taoism, the mountaintop, the swan, the still lake, the mystic rose, the eternal flame.