"We bring this journey to a close, but hopefully it will also be a new beginning, a Pentecost and call to love and radical service. My deepest prayer is that each of us goes forth with a heart kindled by love to deepen our intimacy with Earth and to recognize the profound ways she teaches us about God's desires for us.

" 'May we always remember that we belong to this beautiful Earth, that it will bear our sorrows and share our joys.

" 'May we be deeply rooted in our truth so that we may grow tall and strong as the trees, offering shelter to all who need it.

" 'May we be open to receiving our gifts and share them with others as freely as the rain falls, and be ever thankful.

" 'May we be radiant and natural and fragrant as flowers that flourish, nurtured by love.

" 'May we always be drawn to where the air is good and fresh and life-giving so that we may be en-spirited and breathe freely.

" 'May our passion for tenderness and love be kindled and burn with the ferocity of a campfire and the merriment of kindred souls.

" 'May each of us dare to sing our song of praise as the birds sing theirs, so that our songs may rise up together wherever we are.'
— Felicity Collins"