"As we now know, happiness is an activity, and these everyday things spark joy for me.

"l. Prowling the park for cute dogs to pet, and saying 'Can I?' to bemused owners.
2. Having secret races with people on the seafront/in the park. Given they don't know, I frequently win.
3. Learning to fix things myself via the magical learning portal of YouTube.
4. Buying a fridgeful of food and dropping off a tenner's worth to a food bank on the way home.
5. Talking to my plants. Feel free to call me a nutcase, but ever since I've been like 'Hello beautiful, damn, you look fine today', I haven't had one plant die on me. My plants are clearly narcissists.
6. Keeping on top of my emails. Exceptionally boring, but true.
7. Helping someone who is prodding futilely at a ticket machine, can't use the office coffee machine, or is struggling with a pram on steps. There's a cruel big-city irony that we're less likely to help each other as our numbers increase. Let's make a big-city pact, right now. Are you in?
8. Make-up off, hair washed, PJs on at 8 pm. Rock and indeed roll.
9. Paying bills before they're due, and feeling like a fiscal mastermind.
10. Being touched, and no, not necessarily like that. Holding a friend's hand, someone stroking my inner forearm, a cuddle from a cat; these all count.
11. Remembering people's birthdays.
12. Catching a spider and releasing it back into the wild. Remembering I am thousands of times larger than it, and that Arachnophobia was a work of fiction.
13. Running boldly into the icy sea, only to run right back out. But still, boy, does that make me feel alive.
14. Browsing online galleries of tiny homes, houseboats and tree houses. Seeing how other people live joyfully with so little space.
15. Going on an obsessive deep-dive once I discover a new artist, writer or thinker.
16. A game of basketball, tennis or ping pong. Anything with balls, basically. Balls make me happy. Yes, you can quote me on that.
17. Giving a stranger a compliment a day, whether it's that their front garden is gorgeous, their hat is rad, or their rainbow hair is the coolest hair I've seen.
18. Stapling things. Sometimes I staple things that really do not require stapling, just because the ker-chung makes me feel efficient. Dream gift: a staple gun.
19. Going to a pier/arcade and spending a few quid on whack-a-mole, 2p machines and car-racing games.
20. Writing. Anything. Even shopping lists. It makes my brain feel unpacked.
21. Deep-sea nature programmes. I love looking out onto the silvery Atlantic and knowing that someplace in that body of water, there are whales gliding around like aquatic Zeppelins and seahorses that look like seven-inch dragons.
22. Kitchen dancing. Anarchistic moods bring out hair-tossing to Hole or Cypress Hill, or if I'm euphoric it's Simple Minds or Phoenix. My kitchen sees a lot of questionable moves.
23. Using words that sound like what they're describing. Roundabout. Mist. Helter-skelter. Sneaky. Sparkle.
24. Treating rush-hour pavements as if they're an obstacle course I need to zip through as deftly as possible. It turns a thousand-person-strong hellscape into an agility test.
25. On a cold day, turning the heating on and getting back into bed with a coffee.
26. Hanging with the people I love, and meeting new ones. Even though my introverted streak always tries to talk me out of going to the gathering, I never regret having gone."