There are positive states of mind, such as love and understanding. And there are negative ones, such as fear, despair, and jealousy. We contain both flower and compost within us, If we are skilled in the art of organic gardening, then we need not abhor filth or refuse.

The fear, anger, and suffering in us are like useful compost. We must not try to throw them out the window. They are quite necessary in order for flowers like compassion, joy, and happiness to bloom in us. This is the non-dual view which we must embrace. It is the basis of all our practice. Without it, we will continue suffer. We will continue to believe that we have to get rid of these negative states in order to be happy. On the contrary, it is very important to accept them. The essential art which we must learn is that of transformation. With skill, it is entirely possible to transform negative things into positive ones. And we must not forget that positive things also become negative ones: flowers will one day become compost again.