"What the world needs now is Love Beyond Love — Radical Loving. Radical Loving is:

  • the absolute recognition and celebration that God loves us with greatest love — with eternal love;
  • being with God in a covenantal relationship of mutual and reciprocal faith and trust, responsibility, and accountability;
  • seeing the Face of God in every being, seeing the Divine in everyone and everything;
  • the Divine in me acknowledging the Divine in you — Namaste;
  • making the life of another as precious as our own;
  • responding to hatred, anger, and, particularly, fear — with deep, unconditional, passionate, intense love;
  • being in constant and extreme grace, kindness, caring, compassion, goodness, righteousness, generosity of spirit, decency, and dignity;
  • giving our hands, resources, and hearts to repair and rejuvenate our world;
  • consciously knowing and being continually aware that at the core of our being all is One. One God — One World — One People.

"A world of unity can — and will — be built when we love radically, unconditionally, intensely, passionately.

"A world of unity can — and will — be built out of the Radical Love of one human being for another and for God.

"We can love God.
We can love each other.
We can love all humankind.

"And the world can unfold into Love.

"Through acts of love and loving kindness, we can affirm the best, the most thorough, the most passionate way to love:

"With Radical Love
With Greatest Love.
With Eternal Love."