Breath of all Breath,
Life of all Life:
I am of You.
The one of the One.
You are in me
The One of the one.

Rabbi Wayne Dosick is a spiritual guide who counsels about faith, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness. He is the leader of The Elijah Minyan, a retired visiting professor at the University of San Diego, and the host of the monthly online radio program SpiritTalk Live. He is the author of nine critically acclaimed books including Soul Judaism, in which he challenged synagogues "to reclaim the Jewish spiritual practices that can make us whole and holy." This new book is directed to people of all spiritual paths.

Dosick begins with a paradoxical portrait of human nature. On the one hand we are "God's precious children, living on God's glorious Earth, bathed in the Light of God's splendor. How fortunate are we! How sweet and good our lives can be!"

On the other hand, "It seems to many that our world is being overtaken by great storms, and that we are all about to drown. The heaviness of hatred, and division, and violence, and terror, and war, and greed, and political folly of the present moment burdens our spirits and threatens
the soul of all humanity."

As a result of these realities, several crucial questions come to the fore in our hearts, minds, and souls:

  • Who are we?
  • How shall we live?
  • How shall we be?"

Dosick challenges us to take the true pathway that offers us "great and resolute courage." It is a path of Oneness characterized by unity and harmony. We realize that we are co-creators with the One God and so we can reach out in the darkness to incarnate Radical Love and Awesome Holiness.

Dosik uses images from the Bible and other wisdom sources to point to the Oneness of God, the Earth, and all beings. He weaves in insights from Teilhard de Chardin, Dag Hammarskjold, Abraham Joshua Heschel, and many other teachers. Short and accessible lists cover such things as what God does not want, what Love is and brings to us, rules from childhood games everybody would do well to follow, requisites for contented living, and more. Throughout, he shares wonderful teaching stories from the world's religions that show us what we are capable of doing once we affirm Oneness and persevere. Here's one of our favorites:

"A Native American tribe was known for its great ability to bring rain through its prayerful and joyful rain dances. Whenever this tribe was called upon to dance for rain, its members danced and danced, and it always rained.

"The Chief was asked, 'How is it that even when all the other tribes fail, your tribe is so successful at bringing rain through your rain dances?'

"The Chief replied simply, 'We just keep dancing until it rains.' "