“Finally, I shouted, 'Get up, Jonah! Do you know where you are?'

“He looked confused, so I told him, 'You are in the belly of a big fish, my friend. And you are giving me heartburn. Just so you should know, my heart weighs about 300 pounds! Yours weighs only ten ounces!' ...

“Jonah steadied himself as I began to swim and dive. 'Look to your right,' I announced. 'There is the path of the Sea of Reeds through which the people of Israel passed to freedom.' He looked.

“ 'Now, look on your left,' I said. 'There is the foundation stone of all the earth.'

“We traveled further. 'Up in front are all the great rivers, and behind you is where the waves of the sea and its billows flow,' I declared.

“Then I slowed down to show him the most amazing sight of all. 'Pay close attention,' I said. 'These are the hills of Jerusalem and the Temple. You are standing at the Temple of God. Pray and your prayer will be answered.'

“I held my breath. It took a while for Jonah to say anything, but no matter, I can hold my breath for up to ninety minutes. I kept hoping that the journey had changed Jonah.”

“Finally, I heard him. I heard him praying.”