May 26, 2020
For those who can't remember what day it is

May you find solace in the fact that so many of us are in this same time-smearing boat, weeks and weekends blending together, some hours flying by and others seemingly endless, and may we all realize that these structures we've imposed on our lives are built for a reality we are not currently experiencing, grant grace to ourselves and to one another, look at the calendar, and calmly carry on.

June 25, 2020
For those who just don't know where to start

May you take a step toward humility today, seeking education, making a connection, asking a question, investigating a privilege, a bias, a given, an assumption, and may you be honest with yourself about the daunting reality of how much work there is to do, but may you also be honest with others about your need for collaboration, knowing that this work is not yours to do alone, and also knowing that this fact does not clear you of individual obligation but rather demands your daily, active, evolving participation in the continuing co-creative work.

August 3, 2020
For those who need a miracle

May you marvel at the facts that the sun rose this morning and that you woke up, remembering that these everyday things were once thought of as mysterious wonders to celebrate, and may you reframe the mundanity of your day to call you to awe, not in a saccharine dismissal of the very real disappointment and suffering of the world, but in an activating move to remind yourself and everyone that, if miracles like sunrises and awakenings continue to occur, we just might be able to conjure even more possibilities just by paying attention.

March 6, 2021
For those who need to take a breath and, for just a moment, simply be

May you.