“We normally think of intelligence as a set of cognitive activities: thinking, reasoning, deliberating, solving problems, and so on. But that definition sells us all short. Human intelligence is far more insightful — and far more varied — than just what we think.

“Our bodies constantly flow with multiple forms of intelligence, which can be divided into these six categories:

  • Vibrations (the charge or energetic quality that your body picks up)
  • Images and thoughts (memories, ideas, visions, fantasies, etc.)
  • Meanings (explanations, stories, comparisons, connections, cognitive judgments, etc.),
  • Behaviors, impulses, and urges (what your body does, plus what it wants to do that you don't act on)
  • Affect and emotions (fear, joy, disgust, delight, anxiety, ride, grief, longing, etc.)
  • Sensations (pressure, tightness, release, heat, cold, numbness, etc.). …

“As a shorthand, I sometimes refer to these six intelligences as the VIMBAS. If you look at the above list, you’ll see that VIMBAS is an acronym made up of the first letter of each intelligence.”