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Resmaa Menakem A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Resmaa Menakem, author and psychotherapist specializing in the effects of trauma on the human body.
Metabolizing the Reckoning A practice for conflict resolution in our bodies that helps us prepare for both peril and possibility.
Fraudulence, Impostorhood, and Shame An exercise for healing and transforming self-doubt.
Resmaa Menakem in The Quaking of America My body is an expression
You have to get over You have to get over
Not Your Fault, But Still Your Problem An exercise for acceptance of the shared responsibility to keep white-body supremacy from spreading.
What We Face Preparation for activism as a form of healing and expression of regard, caring, compassion, and love.
The Quaking of America The Five Anchors that help us move through difficult situations without falling into a trauma response.
The Quaking of America The Five Trauma responses.
The Quaking of America Individual and collective symptoms of racism.