Jamie Sams is the author of Medicine Cards with David Carson, The 13 Original Clan Mothers, and many other books. In this collection of meditations, poems and stories, she has gathered material that reflects the closeness of Native Americans to the Earth and their belief in the aliveness of everything, whether a stone, a tree, an animal, or a cloud. You will find insights here into living a life of harmony and practicing good etiquette in the natural world. The thoughts for each day are based upon the 28 day moontime cycle of women's menses, not the actual orbits of the moon. Here is one example:


"In the Indian community, hospitality has always been a Tradition that is founded on the deepest respect humans can show one another. Any person hosting another is required to sponsor that person and to be responsible for that person's actions while they are a guest in the host's land. Being a guest requires that one observe all of the customs and Traditions of the place where they are visiting.

"The guest is expected to behave with respect toward the host family, to contribute by helping with the work at hand, to follow the customs of that land, to honor the Ancestors, Ceremonies, and spirits of that area, and to be grateful for the hospitality offered. If possible, the guest should help provide anything that is needed — gifts of food that will feed the host family are always welcome.

"If every human being saw the homes and lands that they visited as being the Sacred Space of someone else who was willing to vouch for the behavior of the guest, they would understand the special respect, trust, and opportunity being offered. To be flippant or disrespectful, or to take hospitality for granted, is a sign of ignorance. The wise person sees the gift being offered, respects the opportunity, accepts with gratitude, and gives back by taking on the same responsibilities as the other family members without having to be asked."