Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat are Co-Founders and Co-Directors of Spirituality & Practice. The spiritual practices used here were first defined in Spiritual Literacy. So it touches on all of them.

Here the Brussats describe the audio abridgement of their 1996 book.

Spiritual literacy is practiced in all the world's wisdom traditions. Medieval monks called it "reading the book of the world." Muslims suggest that everything that happens outside and inside us is a letter to be read. Native Americans find their way through the wilderness by "reading sign." In collecting examples of this perspective on our experiences, we discovered that certain practices are markers of the spiritual life. We described them in the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy, two-page spreads woven throughout the book.

The audio abridgement of Spiritual Literacy uses the Alphabet as its organizing principle. Mary Ann briefly introduces each practice — attention, beauty, being present, compassion, connections . . . on through wonder, X for mystery, yearning, you, and zeal. Then two Broadway actors, Jayne Atkinson and Howard McGillin, read three or four brief excerpts illustrating each practice, giving beautifully nuanced interpretations of these inspirational passages.

Listening is one of the practices in the Alphabet. We invite you to make altars of your ears for a profound experience of these spiritually literate takes on daily life.