Thich Nhat Hanh, the Buddhist meditation master from Vietnam, says that we usually think that walking on water is a miracle, but for him, the real miracle is walking on earth and being truly present in this varied and wondrous world. In this slim volume, a classic now, he shows us how to be truly attentive to what is going on when we do simple tasks such as washing the dishes or eating a tangerine. In a wonderful chapter titled "A Day of Mindfulness," he takes us through ways we can practice with ordinary activities. For him, sitting is nourishment for spirit and body. We move toward harmony and inner peace through meditation which both reveals and heals.

This invaluable paperback closes with 32 mindfulness exercises including ones for:

  • washing clothes
  • a slow-motion bath
  • compassion for the person you hate or despise the most
  • making tea
  • deep breathing
  • measuring your breath by your footsteps

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