According to Gabrielle Roth, rhythm is our mother tongue and once we surrender to it we will be led to the place of ecstasy and bliss. The problem is that our culture still splits the mind and the body: millions have a poor body image and are suspicious of their own flesh. In addition, the work pressures of the modern world have turned our bodies into knots of tension, exhaustion, and repressed anger.

For 30 years, Gabrielle Roth has explored the benefits of dance. On this interview with Michael Toms she notes, "It's never too late to wake up to the miracle of movement." Dance frees the spirit, unites the generations, and stills the mind. Roth discusses the five essential rhythms outlined in her latest book Sweat Your Prayers: Movement as Spiritual Practice. If you want to discover the dancer in you, this is just the right spoken-word audiotape.