According to healer and psychotherapist Judee Gee, intuition is "a mysterious, powerful, and subtle ability that every human being possesses and can develop." Although this function is not essential for our survival, it does enhance our spiritual and physical well being. It is an important part of our creativity and increases our ability to "understand ourselves, others, and the experience of life itself."

Intuition remains for many a nonfunctional capacity, but more and more individuals are awakening to its wisdom. The four pathways of this inner resource are clear feeling, clairvoyance, clear hearing, and direct perception. Gee shows how centering and inner silence create the right milieu of relaxed alertness. She presents exercises and meditations designed to help readers master the arts of subtle perception, do chakra readings, and practice healing. The book closes with a chapter on intuition and the evolution of the soul where Gee ponders past lives and transmissions from spirit guides.