According to Dr. Paul Pearsall, a clinical psychologist, the heart is more than a pump, more than the most powerful muscle in the human body. Using research from many fields, interviews with transplant patients and their families, and his own experiences as a cancer and bone marrow transplant survivor, the prolific author contends that the heart thinks, feels, remembers, and communicates with other hearts.

Are you a head or a heart person? The future of civilization may depend on the answer. Dr. Pearsall sees the heart as the source of that mysterious "fifth force" of energy in the universe — a nonlocal, invisible form of info-energy that the brain finds very difficult to accept. The heart's code builds "a bridge between the biochemical wonders of modern medicine, the spirituality of ancient traditional healing systems, the various alternative or complimentary medicines, and the wisdom of religious scholars and spiritual leaders." Dr. Pearsall's speculations open the door for readers to consider afresh the importance of cellular memory, loving connections, prayer, laughter, and healing.