John Main (1926-1982) became a Benedictine monk after serving in the Far East with the British colonial service and lecturing in International Law at Trinity College, Dublin. He founded the Benedictine Priory of Montreal and established a worldwide spiritual family linked through the daily practice of meditation.

This excellent collection of talks and articles presents Main's views on the Christian contemplative experience, the hunger for prayer, the monastic adventure, the other-centeredness of Mary, and the inner journey of death.

Some of the best pieces discuss the practicality and depth of the Benedictine rule written in the sixth century. Main describes it as "a document that shows us how to bring an unaccountable zeal to bear on things of no account, the small details of every day, just lived with faith and love." Monks and oblates are challenged to establish the Kingdom of God right now through lives of selflessness, service, hospitality, and love. The goal of the Rule is "to strive for God and to make your spiritual journey the underpinning reality of your life, finding its influence in everything you do, in everything you are." Best of all, these communities are to demonstrate in thought, word, and deed the fruits of the Spirit.