Engaged Buddhism brings the practices of compassion, lovingkindness, peace, and generosity to bear upon the social, political, economic, and environmental issues of the day. As Zen teacher Philip Kapleau has observed: "Social action is itself a kind of meditation and can be a great ripener of compassion and equanimity." In this substantive and eye-opening book, Kenneth Kraft, chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Lehigh University, has designed a new map of the Buddhist path in the form of a mandala with ten pictures. "Spiritual practice," he notes, "needs to be flexible, diverse, and inventive."

The ten arenas of engaged Buddhism are moving into the world, cultivating awareness in daily life, embracing family, working with others, participating in politics, caring for the earth, extending compassionate action, exploring new terrain, being at ease amid activity, and spreading joy in ten directions. This rounded and robust vision of Buddhism is based on Kraft's belief in "the continuous process of reshaping practice." Here meditation and concrete social action in all departments of life are perfectly wed.