Andrew Weil, an internationally recognized physician and expert on integrative medicine, nutrition, and mind-body therapies, has teamed up with Gary Small, the director of the ULCA Memory and Aging Research Center to put together this handy kit which is designed to boost memory, sharpen the mind, and keep your brain young. The resources here include:

• 2 CDs which focus on the secrets of the brain and its abilities, along with Dr. Small's favorite "mental aerobics" exercises, basic memory skills, and mind-body relaxation methods.

• a 54 page study guide with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations from Dr. Weil for keeping the brain healthy and the mind sharp for life. Also included here is a subjective-memory questionnaire to rate your current memory abilities.

• 35 brain-training cards offering tricks, tips, and teasers to enhance brain fitness.

This interactive learning kit is an ideal resource for anyone interested in memory, creativity, and healthy brain activity.