Starhawk is an award-winning author, peace activist, feminist, and leading authority of the Goddess movement. She is the author of many books including Webs of Power. She says that a heartfelt connection and communion with nature is the oldest and most universal form of spiritual practice.

On this four-and-one-half-hour presentation on four CDs, Starhawk shares rituals and exercises that can keep our consciousness in tune with Mother Earth. She begins with a history of the Goddess religions, the loss of ancient knowledge, and the revival of magic in our times. She then covers ways to work with the elements (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth); the ethic of spellcasting; festivals and celebrations; the story of the Earth; listening to the world around us; creating a circle; and making an alliance with a plant.

This is a wide-ranging and practical resource for anyone who feels a bond with the natural world and wants to develop this connection as a spiritual practice.