Michael J. Caduto is the author of many books and founder of P.E.A.C.E. — Programs for Environmental Awareness and Cultural Exchange, which promotes understanding, awareness, appreciation, and stewardship as the foundation for building a harmonious, sustainable relationship between people and Earth, and among the cultures of the world. In this volume in "The Art of Spiritual Living" series of Skylight Paths, he states:

"Herbs are a joy and a blessing. Walk the pathways of these pages and experience the fun and mystery of herbs. Allow herbs to teach you and to reveal their beauty and sensory delights. Share in the creative power of herbs. Invite herbs into the rhythms of your spiritual life, and allow them to enrich and heal your inner being. Truly, herbs are a gift from the Creator."

Caduto explores the healing qualities of herbs for all aspects of body, mind, and spirit; looks at beauty and the relationship between aesthetics and virtue; provides meal rituals and ceremonies centered around the use of herbs; looks into the heart of the Circle of Life; surveys sacred herb gardens; examines the reflective and centering use of herbs for meditation, inner journeys, and artistic expression; and provides practical tips for designing and growing an herb garden. There are many insightful passages in this paperback about the uses of mint, sage, lavender, and other herbs along with salutes to the ancient of wisdom of indigenous peoples.