This new audio edition of Perle Besserman's 1978 classic celebrates Jewish mystics as "citizens of a borderless country on pilgrimage through the myriad worlds. Their mother is Torah, their map the Commandments." This oral tradition has been passed down through the centuries "from mouth to ear." Jewish mystics tell stories, ponder ancient texts, and court the Sabbath Queen.

Besserman reads passages from the Zohar (Book of Splendor) filled with Kabbalistic insights into love, worship, the male and the female, and much more. She discusses the 13 divine attributes that Jewish mystics attempted to embody, including forbearance in the face of insult, patience in enduring evil, eliminating all traces of vengefulness, and remembering all human beings always in the innocence of their infancy. Besserman also looks at the Kabbalistic view of the universe and the importance of meditation practices. This is a lyrical and pensive interpretation of the way of the Jewish mystic.