Michael Bernard Beckwith is founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a transdenominational community in Los Angeles. He is the founder of the University of Transformational Studies and Leadership and an international speaker and teacher of meditation. On this Audio Learning Course consisting of 6 CDs, Beckwith presents his vision of the manifestation of the Divine. The evolutionary impulse of the Universe is expressed in each individual, making life more about "letting than getting." Beckwith explains the art of developing your intuition as an essential ingredient in this process of spiritual development. As we grow, we move through four stages of consciousness: Victim, Manifester, Channel, and Being. Beckwith offers support on this journey with guided meditations, creative visualizations, and affirmative prayers from various wisdom traditions.

At the heart of this Life Visioning Process is Beckwith's own special take on divinization or, as he puts it in the course, "Through Life Visioning, we become the living condition through which divine ideas express themselves. These ideas can be anything from solutions to problems to a new business model to direction in your spiritual development." Also worth considering in Beckwith's presentation of this model of enlightened living are treatments of the sacred yes factor, yielding to the Divine, the three types of meditation, insights into unity, the Dark Night of the Soul, and dissolving separation.