Susan Piver is a graduate of the Buddhist seminary, a meditation expert, a frequent guest on network television, and the author of The Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say "I Do". She is also the survivor of a devastating breakup after five years of mad and passionate love with a guitar player. She charts the torrent of sadness, sorrow, disappointment, and depression which overtook her: "I am not exaggerating when I say that I did not draw breath for two years without also feeling the pain of this breakup."

Piver has written this accessible and pragmatic book for anyone who has had his or her heart broken by the termination of a romantic relationship. It can happen again and this time you can be prepared. Best of all, Piver has put together a care package of Buddhist practices and exercises that can help the broken-hearted heal and use this setback as a spur to wholeness.

The first section titled "Relax" offers ways to honor the tenderness you are feeling after being shafted, concrete strategies for dealing with sadness and embracing heartbreak, and finding friends during your dark night of the soul. Piver recommends meditation as a regular practice that has proven to be helpful in noticing what is passing through your mind.

In the second section, "See Where You Are," the author examines the process of dealing with betrayal, discarding false alternatives to healing (blame, magical thinking, becoming disheartened, going into battle), giving your demons a dinner party, and letting go. The third section, "Be Where You Are," covers a variety of subjects including the rise of authenticity, the value of tears, and the path to renewal.

One of the best things about the book is the ease with which Piver integrates established Buddhist practices such as meditation, equanimity, tranquility, compassion and loving-kindness as essential resources in dealing with the broken-heart. For those looking for immediate relief, the author has created a "Seven-Day Rescue & Relief Program."