Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) wore many hats in his career. In this companion volume to the award-winning documentary film, he reveals himself through interviews, conversations, and lectures.

Born in New York City and educated at Columbia University, Campbell also studied abroad at the University of Paris and the University of Munich. He then took up an academic career. In these pages, one senses the drama he created in the classroom teaching comparative literature and mythology at Sarah Lawrence for 38 years.

In his introduction, Phil Cousineau observes: "Joseph Campbell's life spanned the years from Buffalo Bill to 'Star Wars'; his work from Apollo the Greek god to Apollo the spacecraft." Also included in this festive work are interviews with some of the artists Campbell inspired, including poet Robert Bly, Native American author Jamake Highwater, anthropologist Angeles Arrien, Doors' drummer John Densmore, and psychiatric pioneer Stanislav Grof.