Lulu is taking piano lessons from Mr. Sharp, but her schedule is so packed she has a hard time finding time to practice. Her mother reminds her repeatedly but Lulu is listening to the musical sounds all around her: the squeaking of the swing, the bell on her bike, the apples thumping down on the ground from an apple tree she is climbing. When Friday afternoon arrives, Lulu gets a very nervous stomach ache over her unwillingness to practice. When she arrives at Mr. Sharp's place and tells him what happened, he is not angry as she expected. Instead, he is excited about all the music Lulu has heard — including the whooos of the wind and the tip-tap, tip-tap of her shoes on the sidewalk. He asks her to sing and she does, easily playing with the rhymes in the "Old MacDonald " song. Then she plays the piano better than ever before.

Arlene Alda is the author of this children's book for kids ages 4–7. It celebrates the bounties of the imagination and true listening. Lulu's creativity is heightened in her ability to hear music everywhere. Once she taps into that way of being, everything else brightens up. Lisa Desimini's cut-paper collage and digital illustrations add further delight to this buoyant story.