This magical children's picture book is designed for kids, ages 4–8. Karin Littlewood is the writer and illustrator of Immi's Gift, a book that carries the profound and uplifting message that all of us, when we receive a freebie from the universe, are beholden to pass that gift on to someone else.

Immi lives in the frozen white world where it is cold and snowing. She is quite isolated and lonely. One day while fishing in a hole in the ice for dinner she pulls up a little wooden bird. Immi ties it on to her necklace next to a small white bear. The next day she pulls up a red flower, then an orange starfish, a green leaf, and a purple feather. Stashed in her igloo, the brightest place anywhere, Immi receives many animal guests who stay for dinner and tell stories. Then when the seasons change and it is time to move, she decides to pass on a gift of her own — the little white bear around her neck. In a far-away place it is received with wide-eyed wonder and gratitude.