For at least five years I've been putting out the following question to the universe: "When will someone put together in one book all the typologies available to modern men and women?" Well, the answer has arrived in this beautifully designed paperback by Malcolm Godwin, illustrator of Stephen Hawking's The Brief History of Time and author of The Lucid Dreamer. Here in succinct and engaging spreads you will find essential overviews of archetypes, chakras, enneagrams, and sun signs. The book contains 101 keys to self-discovery and is divided into four sections: body types, feeling types, thinking types, and spiritual types.

Who Are You? blends ancient and modern systems and contains a smorgasbord of helpful tests and behavior assessments. Some of the important questions presented include: How do you deal with stress? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? How good are you at letting go? Are you phobic? Are you doing what you do best? The section on spirituality presents material that will help you determine whether you are a yogi, an ascetic, a dervish, a devotee, a prayerful type, a lover, or a philosophical sage. Malcolm Godwin has done us all an inestimable service by putting all this valuable information in one infinitely challenging resource. Who Are You? will make a fine traveling companion over the years as you change in mind, body, and soul.