Neil Douglas-Klotz is an independent scholar of religious studies, spirituality, and psychology. He is the author of Prayers of the Cosmos, Desert Wisdom, and The Hidden Gospel. Douglas-Klotz is also recognized as a Sufi senior teacher. On this fascinating 8 3/4 hour audio workshop, he examines the meaning of The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic. This was the language that Jesus spoke as a native Middle Eastern person. Douglas-Klotz leads us through a verse by verse interpretation of the Lord's Prayer as a means of immersing ourselves in Jesus' key teachings about remembrance of Unity, letting go, cultivating vision and empowerment, balancing personal and communal needs, support, forgiveness, right timing, and celebration.

This meditation and study of the Aramaic words of Jesus emphasizes the importance of body prayers, which include guided visualizations, chanting, intoning, and/or awareness of your breath. A forty-page study guide accompanies the six cassettes and is a very helpful addition to this devotional resource. Original Prayer by Neil Douglas-Klotz will enable you to explore the deep links between Jesus, nature, and a mystical understanding of life.