Michael Roach is a fully ordained Buddhist monk who received his geshe (master of Buddhism) degree from Sera Mey Tibetan Monastery after 22 years of study. For many years, he was ordered by his spiritual teacher to work in New York City for a diamond firm. Roach applied the teachings and principles of the Diamond Sutra to his everyday labors without letting anyone know of his path: "I was to be a Buddhist sage on the inside and a normal American businessman on the outside." Under his leadership sales of the company soared to $100 million per year.

Roach begins with an explanation of the Buddhist view of "emptiness." People, situations, and objects are not "good" or "bad" in and of themselves. We imprint them whenever we say something, do something, or even think something. The author presents 46 business problems and shows the best ways to deal with them. In the everyday realm of potentials and imprints, it is important to maintain a positive attitude, to be generous, to never begrudge others the results of their own efforts, to refuse to take pleasure in other peoples' problems, to refrain from anger, to cultivate gratitude, and to avoid wasted talk. Roach also gives morning and evening meditation suggestions and explains spiritual practices that pull down the walls between people. Here is wise advice and counsel on an ethical and prosperous way of being in the workaday world based on Tibetan Buddhist principles.

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