Sonia Choquette was trained in religious studies and metaphysics at the University of Denver and the Sorbonne in Paris. She has had a practice of spiritual counseling for more than 30 years. She cherishes intuition and has made it her specialty, writing and talking about it and holding workshops for people around the world.

We are all looking for a fresh start, a new beginning or a second chance to prove ourselves. In this spiffy little book Choquette looks at the psychic backdrop to our heart's desire to start over or take off in totally new direction. The Chinese, says the author, have an expression: "The way it begins is the way it ends." That is why it makes good sense to have positive intentions for any new project. We can call upon the universe to send us guidance or psychic help.

"Intuition is a sacred gift, one you can choose to accept," writes Choquette. It is the higher Self calling us to bring out the best that is within us. The next step is to quiet our minds by clearing away diverting and unwanted influences. Then we can focus our attention through meditation and take responsibility for our actions. Joy is a landmark on our new adventures: "When you awaken spiritually and honor your intuition, you take a huge step toward creating joy in your life."

Other steps in this adventure include letting go of the past, practicing forgiveness of oneself and others, eliminating the unnecessary, traveling light, and getting grounded. All journeys of this sort are activated by the imagination. So be prepared to be surprised by the wonder of starting anew!