Here is a new edition of a book originally published in 2001 as a guidebook for urban witches who want to do their earth-based spells and rituals in cities of concrete, skyscrapers, and endless traffic jams. Chrisopher Penczak is a Witch ministering to those on the path of magickal spirituality through his writings, workshops, and temple.

According to the author, nature is the heart of magick and it can be found and honored in concrete, glass, steel and plastic. Spirit flows through city buildings and is even to be discovered in sidewalks which Penczak describes as "like the banks of a vast river."

Many modern cities are built on energy vortices and can be regarded as sacred sites. Practitioners of magick are challenged to pay attention to the three R's of urban mysticism: reality, rapture, and ritual. Then Penczak plunges into commentary on metropolitan spirits and totems such as rats, pigeons, and cockroaches; interpretations of street signs and graffiti; the possible heightening of psychic perceptions while riding subways; healing the spirits of cars that refuse to start; questioning streetlights since they stay on and watch everything; exploring museums and historic sites; and listening to city gods who are willing and able to speak through statues and sculptures.

In sections which will appeal to magicians, pagans, and witches, Penczak discusses tools of the trade (incense, oils, charms, and talismans; a stone quest; pranic breathing and runes for these times; and seasonal holidays.

While some people will find these excursions to be far-fetched, we as longtime city dwellers found ourselves fascinated by them. Penczak practices the type of spiritual literacy that enables us to be tutored by things and surroundings. City Magick is an out-of-the-box resource for city lovers.