In a series of books including Opening the Inner Gates, Edward Hoffman has tried to demonstrate "how Jewish spiritual and mystical teachings can enhance our everyday life in innumerable ways." This wonderful card deck and explanatory 160-page book bring the mystical tradition of the Kabbalah into vivid focus.

There are 35 cards representing the characters of the Hebrew alphabet and the 10 sacred symbols of the Tree of Life. Each of these corresponds to a particular aspect of the soul. After presenting a brief history and overview of the Kabbalah in the book, Hoffman describes the mystical meaning of each alphabet letter and sacred symbol.

To give an example, "Nun" symbolizes faith and its vibrancy in spiritual life. Hoffman writes on its two-page spread: "To amplify your faith, meditate upon the letter Nun. Doing so will help you overcome such negative feelings as doubt and cynicism and even bleakness and despair. When Nun reveals itself in a divinatory spread, faith and its staunch allies, confidence and self-confidence, are key issues in your spirituality now."

The last section offers 25 guided teachings, meditations, and spiritual activities for inner growth, well-being, and adventure. Here you'll find advice on your birthday message, preparing to travel, nurturing family or group harmony, words of inspiration, and more. Hoffman's down-to-earth mysticism makes this deck a high quality resource.